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United States

Germany and U.S. Agree to Send Combat Vehicles to Ukraine

United States
A soldier from Carpathian Sich international battalion fires an RPG while conducting manoeuvres near the front line, as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, near Kreminna, Ukraine, January 3, 2023.

KONTAN.CO.ID - WASHINGTON. The leaders of the United States and Germany on Thursday announced they were sending armoured fighting vehicles to Ukraine, ramping up military support for Kyiv to repel Russian forces after a similar move by France earlier this week.

In a joint statement after a call between President Joe Biden and Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the United States said it would provide Ukraine with Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles while Germany would provide Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

The U.S. weapons package, to be announced on Friday, is expected to include about 50 Bradley Fighting Vehicles as part of security assistance totalling about $2.8 billion, U.S. officials told Reuters.

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